Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Beginning

I already started this once, but somehow my post got eaten.....lets try again!!
Inspired by all the wonderful blogs I found when searching for altered art, i decided to start my own blog to display some of the things i have been working on. I like scrapbooking and altered art (books, dominos etc), and i LOVE Harry Potter, so sometimes i like to combine the two.
i had problems creating some of the looks i wanted, but i kept researching on the internet and trying things out, and at last i feel like i am making some headway...but there is always room for improvement and i am open to suggestions!!!

With love xx


  1. love your art. love you too!!! xoxo

  2. They're great, good job!! And I love the magic pic of the girls!

  3. You three are the BEST....xoxoxo

  4. this is a fabulous set of altered dominos! I really love the single wing and the skull ones!

    I did not manage to make the halo's for my domino's...I was using a plastic resin type domino and could not drill into them. If I re-did them i would use a wooden domino so I could drill a hole and stick a small wire in to support the halo.

  5. you are so clever, I particularly like the photo frames!

  6. welcome to blog world reall like those dominoes..very clear stamping